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Anybody know why this followme call always fails? Logs included!

(D E) #1
Call log at above!

Basically if I call a FreePBX instance using an IAX trunk, the ‘follow me’ call using my external SIP trunk provider (Sipgate) always fails - Sipgate’s online portal shows the call hitting it as an outgoing call, but my mobile NEVER rings.

However, if I call the same FreePBX instance using a ‘normal’ inbound route, the follow me using the same Sipgate settings etc works reliably.

Any ideas why this might be? Not a big deal, this is a real edge case, but I’m curious!

In the logs I can see it says

[2019-07-26 08:02:19] VERBOSE[28635][C-0000003c] pbx.c: Executing [s@macro-user-callerid:16] GotoIf("IAX2/home_to_xep-13904", "1?report2:macroerror") in new stack

but I’m not sure if this is an actual error, or just FreePBX documenting what it might do if it encountered an error! :smiley:

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

We can see from the call trace that the mobile number is actually dialed:

[2019-07-26 08:02:36] VERBOSE[28661][C-0000003c] app_dial.c: Called SIP/SIPGATE_UK/07850320031

but abandons the attempt 3 seconds later:

[2019-07-26 08:02:39] VERBOSE[28638][C-0000003c] app_macro.c: Spawn extension (macro-dial-one, s, 54) exited non-zero on 'Local/FMPR-4001@from-internal-00000033;2' in macro 'dial-one'

I think this is probably due to a ring timer set somewhere in the call flow that is too short for a call to the complete. There is a dial() line with a 16 second timeout that may be the culprit.

(D E) #3

Thanks Lorne.

From the caller’s perspective, you just hear a dialling tone the whole time, until the call terminates abruptly after what may be about 16 seconds. I can’t test it now because my wife is at home and it would drive her mad - plus she would answer the phone, so it would be an ineffective test.

Not sure where I’d look to diagnose a ring timer, because as I say, the exact same settings work fine when the inbound route is my linksys ATA rather than the IAX trunk

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