Any working ATA with Fire Alarm? We tried HT802 with no go

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We are testing an Grandstream HT802 with a fire alarm. Line works fine but the fire alarm doesn’t recognize it. Anyone ever setup a fire alarm with an ATA? This is for a non profit who can’t afford the cellular. The fire company said they work but you know how that goes


Depending on the Fire alarm, you might need a ‘ring booster’ or another ata that can handle the ring voltage demanded.


You probably should stay away. NFPA 72 requires a “Managed Facilities‐Based Voice Network”. See

VoIP from an ISP (cable or fiber) would qualify if it meets the 8-hour battery backup requirement. Possibly, services such as Vonage or Ooma would be acceptable.

I don’t know the requirements for cellular, but you may find an interface that will work with an inexpensive IoT SIM, typically ~$2.50/mo.

Depending on the size and use of the facility, the alarm may be required to have redundant communication, e.g. both POTS and cellular.

In some situations, a dedicated line is required, e.g. you can’t share a POTS line between the alarm and a fax machine.

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Something Viking might supply?


yep, about $150 so maybe another ATA with full 90v ring might be cheaper.

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Okay. So it’s the ATA? which one do you recommend?


I seem to remember the good old spa112 allowed you to set the ring voltage.


Also set the ‘battery’ to 48volts some ata’s only spit out 24v. That might be configurable on the alarm panel though.

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When I was setting up the Dog Rescue, I designed in all of this stuff, including fire detection, burglar alarms, and an “animal out” alarm that closed all the doors. There are 12V Emergency light systems that you can connect to just about any ATA. is an excellent choice, and while they are spendy up front, you won’t get code inspector pushback on anything they sell.

I’m all about “value conscious” systems (I recommend Cisco because I can buy them used by the pallet) there are some places where it just doesn’t make sense to not spend the extra couple hundred up front, and this would be one of those places.

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