Any way to transfer a call before it's answered (while it's ringing?)

Is there a way to send a ringing call to another route? Ideally, I’d like to configure a key on my station to send the currently ringing call to either SIT tone or voice mail. Is this possible?

When an incoming call is ringing, most phones offer a ‘reject’ option which by default would send the call to voicemail. On many phones, when ringing, hitting a ‘forward’ BLF key will forward the call; the destination could be a Misc Application that routes to an SIT tone.

Because my experience is largely with Cisco phones and Chan-SCCP-B, I can only offer that that specific combination provides a solution called ‘immediate divert’. By pressing the “idivert” hot key on the phone, the call that’s ringing on the phone is sent to the programmed ‘divert’ extension, which (once again, in this configuration) is usually defaulted to '*[extension]".

I know this is a particular solution, but I’d be astonished if there wasn’t a similar feature on Asterisk and FreePBX.

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