Any way to show on a graph how many calls we got when we were shut?

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I’m just curious really. But we were shut for the month of April and calls were being greeted with an auto-recorded message. I’m wondering if there’s a way I can see how many calls we were getting in April vs March and vs May now we’re reopen.
I have looked at the CDR reports but they don’t seem to be very useful because of how many extraneous/duplicates records there are for all the Zulu stuff.
Any tips? I did find a tool ‘cdrquery’ but it doesn’t seem to work with current versions of FreePBX.
Any tips?
As I say, this isn’t urgent, was just curious.

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Hi ! It depends on how are you receiving those calls.
For example: If those calls went to an Announcement which said “We are not working etc etc” then the only tool you can use is CDR Reports, if those calls went to a Queue you can use qxact_reports (commercial module) or Asternic (third party tool)


Look at all CDR entries in asteriskcdrdb.cdr that belong to a single call. See the pattern how to identify the single call by looking at a combination of fields. Then craft a SELECT SQL query.
I do it like this to find all the call IDs to the DIDs I’m interested about:
SELECT DISTINCT uniqueid FROM cdr WHERE (calldate BETWEEN ‘{}’ AND ‘{}’) AND did IN ({}) ORDER BY uniqueid ASC
If you want to do this once, just query mysql by hand from the console.

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Thanks - but won’t the CDR entries also be polluted by Zulu, reducing their usefulness?


I haven’t used Zulu so I’m not aware of its logs, but as long as you are able to identify records you’re interested about, this shouldn’t matter. That’s why I said that you need to inspect the CDR database to see if you are able to identify interesting parts.
Information found in FreePBX WebUI (Reports/CDR Reports) is already pre-processed, so it doesn’t contain all fields that exist in the database.

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