Any way to show on a graph how many calls we got when we were shut?

I’m just curious really. But we were shut for the month of April and calls were being greeted with an auto-recorded message. I’m wondering if there’s a way I can see how many calls we were getting in April vs March and vs May now we’re reopen.
I have looked at the CDR reports but they don’t seem to be very useful because of how many extraneous/duplicates records there are for all the Zulu stuff.
Any tips? I did find a tool ‘cdrquery’ but it doesn’t seem to work with current versions of FreePBX.
Any tips?
As I say, this isn’t urgent, was just curious.

Hi ! It depends on how are you receiving those calls.
For example: If those calls went to an Announcement which said “We are not working etc etc” then the only tool you can use is CDR Reports, if those calls went to a Queue you can use qxact_reports (commercial module) or Asternic (third party tool)

Look at all CDR entries in asteriskcdrdb.cdr that belong to a single call. See the pattern how to identify the single call by looking at a combination of fields. Then craft a SELECT SQL query.
I do it like this to find all the call IDs to the DIDs I’m interested about:
SELECT DISTINCT uniqueid FROM cdr WHERE (calldate BETWEEN ‘{}’ AND ‘{}’) AND did IN ({}) ORDER BY uniqueid ASC
If you want to do this once, just query mysql by hand from the console.

Thanks - but won’t the CDR entries also be polluted by Zulu, reducing their usefulness?

I haven’t used Zulu so I’m not aware of its logs, but as long as you are able to identify records you’re interested about, this shouldn’t matter. That’s why I said that you need to inspect the CDR database to see if you are able to identify interesting parts.
Information found in FreePBX WebUI (Reports/CDR Reports) is already pre-processed, so it doesn’t contain all fields that exist in the database.

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