Any way to delete a voicemail blast?

We had a user leave a voicemail to a group (voicemail blast) that needs repeat needs to be deleted before anyone especially the owner hears it!!! I know the blast function dumps a copy into each individual vm box but I can’t go through 70+ vm boxes looking for that .wav file!!!

That is your only option. Its a Voicemail file to each user as a new voicemail so the file name will be different on each box depending on how many messages they have already. Sorry

This was 17 hours ago, so if you didn’t find a good solution, my condolences.

If it was me, I’d open the box up at the console and find the file in one of your mailboxes and then search for files that are exactly the same length. Thanks to randomness, this should be a pretty close approximation of finding the same file.

@tonyclewis: As a possible suggestion for future implementations, would it make sense to use hard links instead of lots of copies? It would save disk space, but force everyone to have their v-mail partition on the same device… Just throwing it out there.