Any way to debloat?

Is there a way I can remove all the “Unlicensed Software” from the menus?

fwconsole ma  list 

look for ‘License’

fwconsole ma delete xxx

the ones you can’t use or don’t want

Since you are a beginner…
Go to Module-Admin and deactivate the commercial modules, you don’t want to use. Don’t deactivate the system-admin module!

Just one more thing…
Although freePBX has this shiny GUI, you need to learn some basics regarding Linux and command-line.
Sometimes it is useful to know how to ssh into a machine and fix a problem.

Im not a linux noob, but I was not sure about the file structure Asterisk or FreePBX use.

Anyway…to remove the commercial modules go to module-admin…disable them or uninstall, if you are sure…

Also explore

fwconsole validate

To properly ‘debloat’ I suggest you delete the modules or they can plague you later if just disabled.

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