Any way to create a feature code that adds a SIP header to a call?

Good afternoon. I’m doing some customizations to our Grandstream 21xx phones (different ringtone for internal calls through a CLID rule), and I wanted to also create some sort of “priority calling” ring.

I’ve created a rule in the phone that says if you see this header (“info=priority”), use the third custom ringtone. What I now need to do is create some sort of “Priority Calling” feature code, so that when you dial that code + the extension, it’ll add the “info=priority” header to your call. In an ideal world, it would even ignore going to voicemail and just ring for as long as the priority caller wants to wait. But, the primary thing is just to insert the header so the ringtone is different.

Any thoughts on how that could be achieved?


You are in custom code territory. A prefix can be created with a Misc Application, which would go to a custom Destination to custom code you have created. The custom code would add the header and proceed to the extension. If you have budget, this is the type of thing we can do in support, probably with a few hours of credit. If you are using PJSIP the task complexity triples.

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I didn’t know if anyone had any other thoughts on this - some way to build a Misc Application and call it by the feature code (so dialing the feature code takes you to dialtone for the extension you want, but when you enter that, the header is entered). In an ideal world, it would also be dialable via a single string (code plus extension), not just dialing the code and getting a tone to then continue dialing…