Any way to Capture Agent Clicking on Disconnect button on Softphone?

Is there any way to capture an Agent Disconnecting a call using the disconnect button (on softphone or hard phone)?

This may be a shot in the dark but really need this.


Hard to know what your problem really is,

A) are calls going AWOL without cause ?
B) are your agents maliciously hanging up a call they don’t want to take ?

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Case B

Asternic’s Call Center Stats Pro does capture “call disconnect” event under “Agent Disconnect” & “Caller Disconnect”.

Owing to work from home, many times agents say “it was a network issue and the call dropped in between the conversation”.

Hence I’m trying to specifically ascertain if the agent manually disconnected the call.


Way back in the day I worked as a tech in a call center
When a call was just dragging on I learned repeatedly clicking queue status on the Avaya phone rapidly would crash the phone. No ACD disconnect. :upside_down_face:

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LOL… invention is the mother of all necessity & my job is to block these innovations :))

If this is SIP all the way, there will be no incoming BYE in a genuine network failure. However, whilst RTP timeouts will show in the logs, I don’t know of an easy way of detecting them in the dialplan. Of course, just unplugging the network connection, or even power, from the phone, will look like a network failure.

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