Any way to annex a pin number when setting findme/follow?

Hello community, we have an installation that uses pin sets to control long distance access. each authorized user has a pin number they can use. When these users want to set their call forwarding or findme/follow the calls don’t go through when they are to a long distance number. Any way the user can annex their pin to the destination?
Thank you

That wouldn’t make sense to me.

The PIN is for the person making the call, and if you’re using FMFM to a long-distance number, the person with the Find Me set isn’t the one making the call. This would violate the “Rule of Least Astonishment” for me.

i see what you’re saying, but if the person is travelling and wishes to receive her calls to a foreign number she would set the FMFM to a number of her choosing and i don’t see the violation if calls to her were forwarded to her destination of choice using her own pin number. i can see how this can be subject to spam/abuse, but she will have total control to stop this FMFM as she sees fit.
Users without a Pin number will not be able to forward to long distance and that’s fine too.

Custom dialplan with a custom trunk, and you could have dial patterns that include both phone number and pin.

Hello Lorne,
i don’t see how i can account for all possible international patterns and still isolate numbers that are annexed with a pin, unless i create a route that is prefixed. But this would require to inform all users to use a different prefix when setting FMFM or CF than when they dial from their phones. when dealing with 200+ users there much room for confusion.

Could you provide an example of what you suggest?

Yeah this is not as simple as I initially thought. Still possible I’m sure, but not something I’ve ever done before.

I’d set this up on a “per party” basis. Set up a high priority “outbound route” for those specific employees’ cell phone numbers that doesn’t use a PIN. That way, if anyone from “inside” the PBX tries to dial the number, it goes out on the PIN-less outbound route.

If you do that, the FMFM can be set to use a prefix (or not) and route the call that way. I wouldn’t bother with the prefix - I’d just let the outbound call go out through your special outbound route.