Any way to add the incoming route prefix within superfecta "send to" modules?

I’m using multiple inbound routes and to tell them apart I’m using the “CID name prefix” option. It works with displays on the SIP phones, but not with CID superfecta “send to” modules.

Is there a way to fix that?

Not currently supported and I can’t think of a hack to make it work. Add a feature request on the dev site if you really want to see it.

Are there any reasons for not wanting it? Is there an alternative way that I didn’t consider?
From what I recall, you are the maintainer of the module. So, seeing how you are saying that you can’t think of anything, I doubt that posting a feature request will make any difference.
Since inbound route prefix is infeasible, is it at least possible to obtain the DID from within the superfecta source modules?

To do what you want requires coding. Watch the ticket, with luck it will not be too hard. I am not the only contributor.