Any Tutorials for Centos7? Error on amportal install

I’ve been trying to install FreePBX on a Centos7 system. I’ve been following the tutorial for CentOS 6.3 from the wiki without any luck.

I’ve gotten as far as running “amportal a ma installall” but I’m getting errors upon module loading running.

I’m getting a weird error that I’ve really tried to get to the bottom o for the past day and was wondering if anybody had a clue about it.
upon running
amportal a ma installall
I get:
chattr: Operation not supported while reading flags on /var/www/html/cxpanel

Is there any clear documentation on deploying for CentOS 7 or at least what needs to be modified from the CentOS 6.3 installation guide to make this work?

That “error” can be ignored. It doesn’t matter and it’s not an error