Any tips: using feature code *21 (Find Me / Follow Me) as a BLF button (solved)

On IP endpoints: Fanvil / Yealink phones …

We can make a button (BLF) for feature code: *21
Find Me / Follow Me

When pressed: it works correctly
Feature CODE: Activated
Feature CODE: De-Activated

In the older days, when we built this BLF button, the BLF light would be GREEN (off) (FM/FM de-activated) and RED (on) (FM/FM activated).

For now, we have no light on the physical button.
Not even GREEN. The light is OFF

Watching / using sngrep: we see the subscriptions arrive to the PBX, but they are responded to with a: “404 not found”

The feature code is live in the PBX, and it works when we press the button, but just no LIGHT on the button.

Thanks for any tips.

The button must be programmed as *21<ext#> so that the hints will work.

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Thank you.
We now have a light.
GREEN = FM/FM de-activated
RED=FM/ME activated

Lorne saves the day again!

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