Any suggestions?


I am currently tasked with learning Asterisk with the end result of creating a scalable call center. No easy task, I know. I am reading everything I can get my hands on and have some familiarity with Asterisk (wrote a simple SoftPhone and setup simple Dial Plans). I am starting small and, for starters, building two Asterisk boxes with the intent of off loading some calls going to Asterisk-01 to Asterisk-02. I figure if I can get this down I will be at a decent starting point. At this point, I am planning to use the FreePBX distro. I have the boxes and am gearing to go but I thought it may be smart to stop in and ask for any tips or advice. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum.

I recommend attending the Training Seminar

I’ve tried TrixBox, AsteriskNOW, and Freepbx Distro. I highly recommend Freepbx Distro, it “just works”. Still stuff to configure and do, but I felt like I was constantly “rigging” the others to get them to work.