Any successful BLFs on 7962G Ciscos?

I’m just curious to see if anybody has a working installation of BLF on Cisco CP-7962G phones that communicate with freepbx. I’d really like to get mine working, but Cisco makes it a bitch to find what you want without using their software, and Google let me on a 2 hr wild goose chase. I have four 7962G and 7942G phones in our office now, and BLF would be handy.


My BLFs work flawlessly. Unfortunately, I don’t use SIP in my 79X2 phones. I use Chan-SCCP-B Skinny Channel driver and they just work.

if I recall correctly, there are some patches you can apply to the Asterisk Source that might get them working for you. Good luck.

@cynjut Does the phone configuration file look different for SCCP than SIP? I can’t figure out how to do BLF in the config files… BLF works on all my other phones, just not my 79x2s. I think there’s a FeatureOptionMask tag that i’m missing maybe?

I’m trying to get BLF to blink for all phones that are in a queue group, (Cisco 7975) when a call is ringing unanswered in a queue. (To allow phones to ring one at a time, and to notify users they can do a pickup button). I did come across this tidbit, but it looks like the format for XML configuration, not the CHAN_SCCP_B format I’m currently working with. Maybe it’s what you are looking for? I’m still pretty lost myself heh.

If you wish the BLF to show the ringing state as well as the inuse state,

     <line button="2">
       <featureLabel>Employee A</featureLabel>

That looks almost exactly like what I’m using. I can’t find any information on the patch that Dave mentioned. I have to do more digging on that. I read somewhere you have to open ports and enable tcp though. From a security standpoint, I’m really hesitant to start patching asterisk source and start opening ports. I’ll keep digging and report what I find on this post. And if I make it work I’ll tell you how I did it!

I had a nice chat with Diedrich, the man responsible for the chan_sccp_b code. He provided this in the wiki after discussion, but I have yet to really figure out how to make it work. Cynjut on here has been beyond helpful in addition, but as of yet I have no functioning BLF for queues. The lines do flash normally on an incoming call, and all the softkeys work as well. It’s just really a matter of getting the users to have pretty much the same experience on FreePBX as they did with the soon-to-be-retired UC520.