Any stylesheets people want to share?

Just getting going on a brand new FreePBX server (my first in a way, and not in a way - coming from Elastix). So far everything’s working fairly smoothly, but I’m finding I’d like the interface to be much more compact (I worked in the FreePBX interface quite a bit on the old Elastix system, but it was an older version, and I honestly found things generally easier to read previously, when there was a lot less space and scrolling). Personal preferences are such fun when it comes to UI. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I found where I can set a css file under Advanced Settings - before I start on a brand new one, are there any out there that people have shared/collected/etc… any FreePBX css? I might try digging one out from my old system as well - just occurred to me as I’m typing this.


I simply view my FreePBX webpage at 80% within Chrome.

I also have s high screen resolution which I’m sure helps also.

It is all written with bootstrap

Same here, Frank.

Resizing does help some, but it really just addresses the extra vertical space. I’d prefer to not have as many sub-tabs (under extension being a notable example), more stuff across the page as well (i.e. not just one column of fields), etc…

Gotta admit that my web coding days are 10+ years in the past, so not familiar with bootstrap beyond having heard of it. But I’ll check it out when I have some time. Thanks!