Any solution for non pro version freepbx 13?

need buy a license for fax function now, is there any free solution?

Well, one free solution will take a lot of RTFM’ing ,

All of Hylafax,Iaxmodem and T38modem are open source and work very well, unfortunately nobody will likely help you for free :wink: . BUT there are many resources out there that will get you up and running if you are adventurous and prepared to learn . Most folks find the commercial module easier , despite the cost :slight_smile:

pbx just a hobby for me, so not worth to buy a license. while, elastix is much better for a pc, but not available for arm device (not raspberry2) I am trying.

Yet as a Hobbiest you can compile Hylafax and IAXmodem on your platform, If you are using any Debian thingy a simple apt-get install t38modem would work. Yes Elastix was essentially killed by it’s creator.

You will however not be able to install any commercial Sangoma products.

Yes. I am trying on debian 8, will study and install t38 modem soon.Thanks, Dicko,

This has always been the case for sending faxes. Since 2.5. Receiving is free and always has been. Nothing has changed here.

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In elastix, I just set virtual fax and point to an IAX extension, but I didn’t see virtual fax in the menu of freepbx 13, could you advise how to receiving fax in freepbx 13? thanks!

You need to enable fax for your user(s) in User Management:

And once enabled, you can choose ‘fax recipient’ as a system destination:

… and cheaper in the long run. Remember, your time is worth something, so if you’re setting this up for a customer, you are losing $125 an hour for every hour you fart around trying to build it yourself. Even if you’re doing it just for you, the value of your time versus the price of the add-on is reasonably positive.

but not available for arm device (not raspberry2) I am trying.

Commercial modules are not available for ARM so fax pro isn’t really an option.

seems only work for pro version,

“You will only have the options “Enabled” and “Attachment Format” if you have not purchased a Fax Pro license”

Did you actually try what Lorne (lgaetz) told you to do?

Yes, you have less choices than if you had Fax Pro but once you have activated fax for a user you can use it as destination of your DID (if it’s a fax DID only) or as a fax destination if you enable the detection of faxes…

I don’t have Fax Pro and I receive faxes without problems…


not yet, OK. I will try it. Thanks a lot!


There is something to gain by doing it at least once the hard way, you learn how things actually work a lot better than if you use something which is already all setted up for you…

I agree that for most people it’s preferable to use the commercial solution but doing it the hard way gives a deeper knowledge of how things work…

It’s like provisioning phones… For anything more than a few phones it’s preferable to go with the commercial solution but learning how to do it manually gives you a deeper knowledge of how things work…

Have a nice day!


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You are welcome!

Have a nice day!


I agree with almost everything you said, and then only with one caveat.

For personal and training systems, I agree that everyone should do it “the hard way” at least once.

On the other hand, once you get to the point that you’re doing this for other people, especially people that are paying a reasonable consulting fee, you need to go with the least time-consuming solution.

Nothing helps your understanding of the underlying technology and your troubleshooting skills like doing the work yourself. Those of us that have been doing this for a while remember how satisfying it was to get “something” working, especially really hard stuff like FAX handling, off-net cell support, CRM integration, and conferencing.

Having done it, however, puts me in the position of never wanting to “have to” do it again. Having a GUI for some of these things saves dozens (or hundreds) of hours that I never want to invest again.

So, just in case it’s not clear. I’m with you. People that invest the time make for people that understand more and can participate in these discussions on the “contributor” side.

Hi Dave!

This is the way I meant…

Your client gains nothing (1) from you doing it the hard way, you do, you gain knowledge…

It would be irresponsible to do otherwise…

While you will gain some knowledge from using a tool you have never used before, it is a side effect of you choosing the best tool for the job. The best tool is not always a hammer and not every problem is a nail…

(Replace hammer with the appropriate tool, I know someone whose hammer is Oracle PL/SQL:wink: While it might be the best tool for the job sometimes, it not always is…)

Have a nice day!


(1): At least not directly… Where they gain is from having the work done by someone who has a stronger expertise in that field and, because of that, choose something more appropriate for them. All of this because (s)he knows what is under the hood

Thanks a lot, everyone here!!

Finally made fax to email working, this guide is easy to understand for newbie :

also tried virtual extension with followme, it works too, but not work with IAX2 entension

still one issue: The fax I received is tiff format, not pdf, but already selected pdf in “fax attachment format” of “user mangement” , anything wrong?