Any plans to update fail2ban?

The current version of fail2ban in the distro is 0.8.14 which is ancient. I don’t use the distro but when I install the current stable version of fail2ban (v0.10.5-2.el7 at the time of this post) the sysadmin module (and therefore the dashboard) shows the fire symbol next to fail2ban indicating it is no running. So that’s a problem.

I know that sysadmin is a commercial module and that the official position is probably that it should only be used with the version of fail2ban it is designed for. I am just pointing out that if you are running the most recent stable version of fail2ban on el7 and you have sysadmin module installed, the fail2ban icon on the dashboard will indicate fail2ban is not running when in fact it is. It’s probably a simple fix to get sysadmin (and therefore the indicator on the dashboard) to detect when newer versions of fail2ban are running.

That sounds like a bug. I would report the issue to the FreePBX team in their Jira:

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