Any plans on updating to "SHMZ OS" 7?

I have always just built my own servers from scratch but thinking about using the distro on some fresh hardware I am ordering soon. Are there plans on updating to the latest clone of Redhat 7?

My hardware refreshes are every 5-6 years, that puts me dangerously close to having support lapse on the 6x branch I am not a fan of in-place SO upgrades.

We plan on it later this year but still hearing and seeing lots of little issues from people. We will provide a complete in place upgrade when we release this. Remember these are PBX’s so alot has to go into a major OS upgrade and should not be taken lightly.

Is it still true that there are “lots of little issues” with CentOS 7? I only ask because I noted on the manual install page ( that CentOS 7 is quoted as “The recommended distribution” to build from.

CentOS is recommended. Try not to look too deeply into versions at this time

No problem. Like the OP I also like to avoid major in place OS upgrades. If I wanted to make the “safest” choice and were installing a new Freepbx system today, would you suggest I start with Centos7 and build up from that or just stick with the SHMZ 6.6 Distro? Thank you again

The SHMZ 6.6 distro will be able to upgrade to 7 when we release, since we control the 6.6 release I would go with that.

Perfect, thank you for the clarification!