Any plans for the Digium phones

Are there plans to incorporate the Asterisk branch to give all the functionality to the new Digium phones? They look interesting to me, but I don’t want to try that route until I can use them fully.

Thanks for all your work.

I would like to second this question.

Not at this time. I am not fond of having a special build of Asterisk they they are constantly adding new features and changing things in. It is hard enough to keep a stable build between things like 1.8.9 and 1.8.10 that only have bug fixes but than take their phone branch of Asterisk where they have done things like modifications to app_voicemail to make their phones work with voicemail. That is just a scary concept and not something I am willing to invest time or resources into at this time.

Guess I’ll be using AsteriskNOW then. Haven’t been able to find any resources saying the freepbx distro or PIAF or AsteriskNOW is better than the others… Which is odd, I’d think those distros (FreePBX included) would have comparisons on their respective websites.

Or am I missing something?

Yes AsteriskNOW I know is using the special branch for their phones.

We would never put up a document like that as we are all open source projects and all try to work with each other and all those other projects in the end still use FreePBX for their GUI.

I understand you try to work with each other, but that kind of document certainly would help in evaluating the pros and cons of each distro. I kicked PIAF out for a simple reason: I can’t get it to install on VMWare to test properly. AsteriskNOW and FreePBX distro installed without any problems.

PIAF == AsteriskNOW == Elastix == Trixbox == FreePBX. They all use FreePBX (exception AsteriskNOW if you used the AsteriskGUI)

So what ‘features’ would we be listing as they all essentially use the same base source code, that being FreePBX