Any link for PJSIP with VEGA analog gateway

My customer wants to try FreePBX/PJSIP trunk with Vega analog gateway, I checked with wiki, there is one with chan_sip, not use pjsip. Do you have a doc for PJSIP trunk connection with Vega?

There is no different configuration except the port number PJSIP is running on. Have you tried and failed?

not yet。

I need to test Sangoma VEGA with PJSIP trunk. Anyone would share the PJSIP trunk GUI setting with me?


I am not aware of one yet. Will have it added to our list of things to get updated.


Anybody get anywhere on this? I got a vega 50 FXO and I’ve tried to wing it but now I can make outbound calls, but I get no audio (ring back tone or RTP/conversation audio). For my scenario I prefer no registration.

Have you set the tone for your country?