Any integration of contacts with active directory?

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Before I go reinventing the wheel, has anyone recently worked with getting the phones contact list to be generated from AD?

I’m aware of , but haven’t really delved into that yet.

I run a mix of S and D series phones.

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I personally never did AD integrations for contacts. Have you looked at the Wiki?

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Yes I have. I have the AD integration working for the most part. My users and groups are sync’d into user manager. Now I’m just trying to get all of those AD users to be listed as contacts.

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An issue that you’re going to run into pretty quickly is that there’s no standard for setting up phone contacts with anything. It seems like every phone has a slightly different approach or implementation for that, so you’re not likely to get a single “solution” to the problem.

Within a product line you might get lucky, but your reaching across at least two product lines (Sangoma like to buy things, and Digium likes to buy things, and Sangoma bought Digium, so …) you might have to manage some of this outside the FreePBX scope.

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I understand. For now though I’m just trying to figure out where everything is and how it’s used. Some things from the Contact Manager module it will pull from the AD sync’d info in usermanager. Most PHP scripts I’ve run across don’t seem to pull directly from that…but I’m still trying to digest it all.

I can get all of the info I need from select fname,lname,description,department,title,default_extension from userman_users; , I just need to figure out if I need to put that into the Contact Manager table or just generate some xml file for these D Series phones and figure out where to put that.

I guess I’m not clear on what uses User Manager, Contact Manager, and/or even how each phone gets contacts. Once I understand that better I’ll know which direction to go.

My goal is to only update AD and have the user info be taken from there.

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