Any info on how to add Maint (AAH) to beta version

I am hoping someone will add the Maint function to beta verison. I wish I had the experise and I don’t.

I had added it to old freepbx and didn’t save the changes and Now it is much different

Thanks for any help in Advance :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, you can launch the maint by http://your_asterisk_ip/maint/

Maint? That is a part of AAH and not FreePBX or AMP. Go ask the creator of AAH to include it in a new release.

If you upgraded to FreePBX yourself with AAH installed it is still loaded in the maint directory.

I had done a new install and upgraded prior to doing anythink on web portal. I added maint in html directory and is forbidden when trying to go there.I used (copied) from an older ver of of AAH which was copied on windows machine hard drive.

I know it is part of AAH and If I offended anyone by requesting here, I apologize.

Here is what shows up:


You don’t have permission to access /maint/ on this server.
Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS) Server at 192.168.2.XXX Port 80

New install of what AAH or just asterisk???

did you set the permissions on the folder??? (0755)

New install with aah iso

I checked maint directory and it is 0755 with winscp.

Thanks again

also forgot to mention I have also installed kennsoft menu for the web portal

Is there any setup that allows folder that can be accessed in www —

If it is where would it be?

I also tried accessing other files in html/admin/modules/(anyotheraahmodules) and got forbiden message.

You mean you ran the patch to “fix” the menu???

you have AAH 2.7 or 2.8???
2.8 is loading FREEPBX is that what u have???

2.8 and than did an upgrade to freepbx beta.

Instruction are on

I also copied maint directory from an older version of AAH I don’t know which one.

I have another live 2.8 aah running … not beta freepbx

can you access the index.php under the maint folder??? ???

there is no index.php in maint it is older version of aah maint

I was able to this directory:

and the page showed up just fine

Also I was able to go here:

I suppose I can save all those as bookmark and will be readly available.

Thanks guys ----- this was very helpfull

Here is a fix ----

I have all those features in 2.1 ----- Thanks to Jason and Samy