Any idea where Custom Device States is in FPBX12

Good afternoon. After building a from-scratch system (on 12) to replace our existing 2.11 build, I noticed the Enable Custom Device States (from Advanced Settings) is missing. As such, I’m unable to build BLF buttons against some feature codes (like our “night” button derived from a BLF subscribing to a Call Flow Control feature code).



That was there for Asterisk 1.4, and as we don’t support it any more, we removed the option.

It’s now always on :sunglasses:

Well, crap. I mean, cool, but crap. For some reason the phones are no longer showing status of that feature code. But I see when I’m watching it (in hints) - the phone just no longer shows the status updates (did on previous release). I just assumed it was that feature missing.

#*800@app-daynight-t: Custom:DAYNIGHT0 State:Idle Presence:not_set Watchers 1

Ive heard various reports about this but I have not been able to narrow it down. From a config perspective the state is always set to true (all the way into the conf generator).

So you see it updating in Asterisk but not on your phone?

Define “see it updating”. The status changes in the Call Flow Control module within the web interface (toggles red/green when code dialed). But on the phone’s BLF, there’s no state at all - no green, no red, nothing. Its extinguished…

As a side-note, we’re also not getting any MWI indications at all since the upgrade. This is both on the upgrade of the existing 2.11 system, or on my fresh build (so, either SIP driver). Should I make that one a separate topic (I’m thinking so)?