Any guide for setting up BLF for polycom?

My google abilities have failed me, but I’m sure I’m missing something.

I have latest FreePBX distort. Purchased commercial EPM.

I’d like to have a BLF to watch a separate voicemailbox. Is it possible? Do I need to have a template per each phone, or can I do it from the extension mapping.

Also - from one of the wiki I found, I enabled the hints in the advanced settings. I notice this hint. Is it correct? Should it be expanding to the extensions? do I need to be using 3 digit extensions? (I currently use 4 digit)

_*98X.@app-dialvm : MWI:${EXTEN:3}@${IF( State:Unavailable Presence: Watchers 0

Happy with pointers, don’t need answers.


That is a dynamic hint. Exten:3 is 0-3 so 4. Your endpoint needs to subscribe to the hint before it generates.

You don’t need one template per user, you can use variables with button assignments in the template. To create a vm BLF, define the button as:


See this page for more info:

Thank you both! I forgot about the variables. That will help in my more generic cases.

Also, one more thing I’m having a hard time getting my brain around. Are the BLFs associated with one of the registrations/extensions on the phone? Or does the BLF need its own extension. Like for example, a BLF for out of office / time conditions?