Antel SIP Trunk - Only Options

I am trying to configure a SIP trunk that Antel provides me where they explicitly only send an “OPTION” as a heartbeat and our central should send a 200 OK, understanding that I cannot force this 200 OK beforehand without sending an OPTIONS on my part as well.

Doing a PCAP verified that our server is returning a 401.

Below is my current setup. I am behind NAT


By default, Freepbx has pjsip Port to Listen On set to 5060 and chan_sip Bind Port set to 5160.

Set up a pjsip trunk (you shouldn’t be using chan_sip at all) with Registration None and Authentication None. Set SIP Server to . If Antel will send calls from multiple addresses, set Match (Permit) to a list of those.

Asterisk should then respond to OPTIONS with a 200.

Change the type mode.
Antel no use registration mode therefore change to peer mode

I love you!, That’s works!!

In case you’re not aware, chan_sip is deprecated. Now that you have a fallback config, spend the time now to get it working with pjsip.

I know that, but i have another provider and he’s only works on chan_SIP

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