Answered calls in ring group always show up as missed calls on other phones since last update

We use ring groups, if a call comes in, anyone in a ring group has to answer.
We used the missed calls notification on other phones to determine whether we have to call back or not.
For a while now (probably since last system/module upgrade 1-2 weeks ago) all calls, even answered calls, always show up as missed calls.

We are on FreePBX and use CHAN_SIP, since PJSIP seemed to miss several features ~2 years ago when the system was set up.

Phones are grandstream, though there hasn’t been an update/configuration change applied correlating by time to the missed call issue.

This isn’t a new observation. Search the forum for “answered elsewhere” get see what the discussion has been and to weigh in.

Thank you, just that search term helps a lot. (Of course, I searched before, but didn’t find anything meaningful.)

Unfortunately, turns out this is a bug, that is even on priority “minor” despite causing lots of issues - even in very small ring group, don’t want to know the effect on large company/ringgroup where people care to call back. Maybe other people work differently.

Workaround till fixed: downgrade the module.

downgrade is described here

just downgrade (for freepbx v14) module ring groups from to and missed call notifications are working as before

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