Answer only Voicemailbox

Had a user retire and the management had her record a new greeting that directs the cller to dial 0 for operator, … They also do not want any messages left in that mailbox. Is this possible?


For the extension in question, set VM Options to

But why don’t you just route her calls to the receptionist?

Where operator extension = 1234
Move the vm recorded message to custom/imretired

Delete the extension.
add to/create in /etc/asterisk/extension_custom.conf

exten => 3333,1,Playback(custom/imretired)

Another option, if you want to keep that extension, could be to have the extension forward calls to an IVR that plays the greeting, and goes to the operator when zero is pressed, and also have it go to the operator/elsewhere if nothing is pressed. .

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