Answer call, talk and play audio file that both parties can hear and talk at the same time

If there is any other way to do it, I will gladly accept it.

the scenario includes:

  • freepbx 16
  • internal extensions 11 calls 12
  • upload audio file using “system recordings”
  • create extension 101 (Paging and Intercom)

I partially achieved it 11 call to 101 and this call 12 both parties listen to the audio. but during the audio (lasts 10 seconds), no one can talk or hear each other, only after the audio ends can you talk, this creates a problem for me.

I need play the audio file, talk 11 and 12 to each other and listen to the audio at the same time.

helpme thanks

How will they converse and still hear the audio clearly talking over it?

That’s a training issue.

Then update the recording to indicate they have to wait to the end.

You can’t, the audio should be as short and specific as possible. Otherwise, the queue for other people to be served will be long.

Well how fast will people talking over the recording work out? I answer the page, and now I have the recording and the person on the other side talking. Can’t understand what is being said so I have to wait for the recording to end then ask them to repeat themselves…

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