Answer call on another phone?

Hi im new to freepbx but i have managed to get my system working by reading here on the forums and other places online, the system that i have is composed of asterisk 1.6 with FreePBX, with a tdm 410 pci card with 2/fxo and 2/fxs ports, and connected to it are 4 linksys 922 phones, to the tdm410 there is 1 comcast digital voice line connected.

now i have two phones on a ring group at the front desk and they both ring at the same time when a call comes in, but if one of them is on a call, and a call comes in clients get a busy signal, what i would like to do if possible is to make it that when a call comes in, it can be answered and rings on the other phone on the ring group, is that possible? do i need to add an extra line? and if its possible how could i achieve this?

Thank you in advance.

If you only have 1 phone line from Comcast you can only have 1 call at a time. Additional calls will get a busy signal. If you want a second call you will need to add another phone line and can have 2 calls at once. If a third call comes in they will get a busy signal.

awesome thanks for the quick answer so a trunk would be better then? the level is about 3 to 6 calls at one time

It’s much cheaper to get a truck than multiple lines. I get my service from a company at and have been very happy with them. It allows me multiple calls coming in (or out) without running out of lines.

In my case I did keep a physical phone line as well (POTS)because I still want phone service even if my Internet goes down. I publish that number as my main number then have the phone company forward if busy to the VOIP trunk line. My 800# goes directly to the VOIP.

In a business environment I can’t see a reason for a customer to EVER get a busy signal.

Physical phone lines are better for faxing too (if you need fax support), though I’ve heard that t.38 can handle it, I have yet to try it out…

But I’ve seen a lot of places run SIP, works great for phones, dirt cheap too vs. a PRI or something.

thank you so much for you answers, i think a trunk is the way to go for us then, the only problem is that some of the companies i’ve seen charge per minute either on inbound or outbound, and i really like have a flat fee plus knowing what my bill will be, i was thinking nextiva but i will give the company cdsJerryw recommended a call tomorrow

For full disclosure Micro Advantage is the company I am the CTO of and Jerry has been a valued customer for many years.

If you call the office talk to Ken at ext 502 and he can tell you about our service plans.

It’s true, but that doesn’t lower my satisfaction with the service I get and I for one am happy to see my vendor supporting the open source format that I’ve decided to depend upon for my company. It shows that we’re both on the same page and have the same interests in making sure this works and stays alive. I see these all as good things.

If YOU were talking about the company I think you’d need to put the disclosure in there. You’d be advertising your company. For your customer to say good things about your company doesn’t really require a disclosure as I have NOTHING to gain from it. I don’t make a dime one way or the other if he joins you or doesn’t. Indeed I’ll probably never even know.