Ansible with FreePBX

Has anyone used Ansible to install and maintain the Freepbx Distro? Or even maintain Freepbx?

If so do you have any Ansible roles or playbooks you can share?


have you had any success with this? It is something that I will need to look at also shortly.

Not yet. I’m still learning Ansible. I’ve been reading the book “Ansible, Up and Running”.

Though I do believe you really need a full CLI interface for Ansible to be very useful configuring FreePBX. It will work setting up the OS and such.

You can do many things in fwconsole (the freepbx CLI) for FreePBX inclucing keeping up to date.

fwconsole ma updateall 

More at:

you can also use to manage yum stuff

Thanks James. As I start playing more with Ansible I’ll try it with fwconsole.

Someone called boxrick put something on github
Has anybody tried it?

I tried to put the link, but don’t have permissions to do so