Ansible installation of FREEPBX

I found a GITHUB project deploy_freepbx under the user boxrick
It seems to be an automated installation for FREEPBX 14, has anybody tried it?

I used it to setup a very small config for my personal use, a real size testing project.


-I was able to setup a centos 7 container under an Ubuntu 16 LTS, minimal footprint (2 Go vs 15 Go for a Kvm Sangoma image)
-Yum update works (obviously since it is basically a standard Centos install in a container)
-fwconsole works, I can install and update free modules
-was fun to do, I learned a few tricks :slight_smile:


-Obviously the Sangoma software itself (not the Freepbx modules) can’t be updated since it is basically installed from source, there are no rpms to update. Ansible installation is about as long to do than the distro setup (enormous time taken by nodejs compilations)
Possibly doing a backup and rebuilding a fresh new container then restoring configuration could be some way to update manually.
-System firewall is not working. I did not really try to understand what is the problem. I never tried to register Freepbx and that could be the reason - the firewall module status (commercial ? free ?) is really baffling.
-See also the issue #2 on the github page for a few other minor problems.

Its good people are using my role, I kept doing manual installs for a friends business which were hugely time consuming. Most of my day job is deployment and automation so throwing it into an Ansible role using the instructions was simple enough, I now regularly use this for deployments.

It would be nice to be able to wrap up some of this into packages or do less calling out to random bash scripts and compiling on the box.

I am happy to take pull requests or suggestions google for ‘ansible_freepbx boxrick’ should bring up the git repo if you are interested.