Another update the distro can't handle

Do I wait for you to fix the distro and push an update? Or do I head to the CLI to correct poor release planning yet again?

What are you talking about. This is clear as day to update that module you need to update a RPM first. That is not poor planning it’s a limitation on the asterisk user can not install root level packages.

It’s clear as day a module update was pushed yet again that the distro can’t handle without manual intervention. The point of a distro is so the OS and applications are a known quantity to ensure compatibility. Installing root level packages should be handled by system updates, not user interaction, and they should be done BEFORE you push a module update that causes a critical error without the required root level packages.

The OS update has to be done by you. We can not do it from FreePBX. It’s an RPM update. No different then if you have to update asterisk or the kernel from CLI.

Module admin has no way of installing RPMs. It’s for FreePBX modules only and if something in the OS needs updating it will inform you. This is rare but it does happen. Not sure why you want to jump all over us or attack someone. Sounds like you are unhappy in general.

The latest version of your official distro should be capable of running your software. Running a simple module update should NOT cause a critical error. If it has the potential to cause a critical error, there should be some sort of warning or notification. Do you not test these modules against your own distro before publishing them to production?

You like that if a new user downloaded your distro right now, installed and updated to the latest modules, they would be facing a critical error? That’s the first impression you want to give to potential customers?

I’m unhappy that simple maintenance continues to cause critical errors due to lack of diligence and testing before being released to the masses. I’m shocked that you aren’t.

If your un happy then go somewhere else. This is not a critical error. It tells you what needs to be updated. Again your tone and attacking will get you no where in this community.