Another ring group/follow me/call forwarding query


Sorry if I’m duplicating here but I couldn’t see anything that matched.

The problem I have is that neither the ring group nor follow me (or anything else that tries to send a call outside) will send the call outside the pbx. IE, I cannot use follow me to call my mobile (cell) phone or a landline.

The same happens with all the other features that should accommodate this activity.

The only way I can get a call to go outside the pbx is by dialling directly from one of the extensions.

Freepbx 2.4.1. Followme Ring Groups Call forward 2.4. Callback

Put a # after your cell phone number in the follow-me list. That should to it.


Thanks for the reply John, already tried all combinations of this.

Any chance you could post a CLI log while you are making one of these calls?