Anonymous queue calls get incorrect prefix


I have a similar issue to this one from 2008:

I have several queues setup and calls with a caller ID of anonymous get assigned one specific prefix, regardless of which queue it really come sin on. What is sort of odd is that the CDR shows the correct queue prefix; it is just on the phone’s screen that the incorrect prefix shows up.

Phone in question is an Aastra (Mitel) 6869i.

I don’t know if this is just something stupid in the way Aastra handles anonymous CIDs, or if something isn’t being passed to the phone properly by FreePBX.

Versions I have are:
FreePBX: 10.13.66-22
Core: (just recently updated; not sure if this was an issue before the update)

One thing I will do is to see if I can replicate this on a test system with the same phone my client has. Once i do, I will swap my phone with a Sangoma and see if the issue persists and report back. That should at least identify if it is an Aastra/Mitel issue or something to do with FreePBX.

(Obviously if it is an Aastra/Mitel issue, I strongly suspect there isn’t much, if anything, that could be done on the FreePBX side; it’s something I would have to take up with them?)

I will report back shortly.

I made a call to my test queue on my client’s system, and my anonymous call came through with the correct prefix. The phone I was testing from is a 6867i whereas my clients phone at Reception is a 6869i, and I don’t have access to one of those.

Firmware on the 6869i is but latest version available (as supplied by Endpoint Manager) is I am going to see if upgrading the firmware will resolve the issue.

I will test with the client tomorrow morning and update with results.

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