Anonymous inbound calls to my virtual mobile number. Need some advice. Thanks for help

Hi all. I am newbie and have some few silly questions. Sorry for my bad english but i hope you would get my message correct))) It would be very great if anyone could help. Thanks a lot to all anyway.
So lets start:
My task is to get calls to my virtual mobile number so noone can trace me (or making it very difficult to do). I read some forums and make next conclusion.

I am using a virtual mobile number of sip provider # 1 on which people would call me. I would use freepbx on vps with configuration of trunk of that sip provider. Than i would configure freepbx to transfer a call to sip provider #2. I would than use a softphone on my PC, configured with sip provider # 2. If it is possible i would use socks or vpn.

So the scheme is next - People would call me on my virtual mobile number of sip provider#1, than call would be transfered to my vps with freepbx, than i would transfered to sip provider#2. Than it would be transfered to my socks\vpn and only than to me. As i understand if someone wants to trace me down - he needs to get info from sip provider#1 sip provider#2 vps provider and socks\vpn provider and maybe than he can trace me down. Is it correct?

So i have next questions -

  1. Is this scheme working?
  2. Is it hard to trace me down?
  3. Do i need special softphone to use socks? Or is it possible to use it with voip?
  4. Is there a way to make everything easier or more safer?

Sorry for bad english and Good day for all.

P.S. Help a poor ukrainian with advice and god would bless you)))

This question does not deserve an answer; I’m posting to discourage anyone from helping with such a scheme.

If you set this up normally, someone could simply ask SIP provider #1 who bought the account. For meaningful protection, you would have to obtain all the services fraudulently. “The end doesn’t justify the means.”

If you have a legitimate need for extreme anonymity, seek help from law enforcement and/or hire some personal protection.

I am not sure what about USA but in Ukraine you can easily buy a virtual mobile number with no docs and with bitcoin or webmoney which are anonymous.
And if i understand everything correct Sip provider#1 can tell only my VPS with freepbx installed. So they need to ask them, and than they need to ask sip provider 2, etc. And what if the would be all in different countries?

P.S. May i ask why this question shouldnt deserve an answer? Am i asking something terrible?