Anonymous calls to Extensions voicemail

Under normal circumstance, a call comes in to my trixbox and is routed to an extension. Works great. I just noticed that when a call with an anonymous caller ID comes in, it is still routed to the extension but this time to the extensions voice mail. How can I allow all calls(with or without caller ID) to ring on the extension? Any help please???

Please provide more details.

There is nothing out of the box that would make this happen. So if you have installed some custom code, etc. You’ll need to document and provide that here for us to help.

At this point we don’t know what version of FreePBX, Asterisk, OS, hand built, or distro, etc.

Please read:

Sorry guys.Am new to this hence the messy head. Am running trixbox distro. Just the original modules, no other.

trixbox CE 2.4 is based off of:

* CentOS 5.1 kernel
* Asterisk 1.4
* FreePBX 2.3
* Web MeetMe 3

Does this help?

It is a start but not nearly enough and you have provided conflicting info. Is this a trixbox 2.4 or system? Or was it a 2.4 and upgraded to latest In which case something is wrong as FreePBX should be a newer version either way then 2.3, unless you have not been upgrading that part.

Please post a call trace of a call showing this problem for us to see.

To get a call trace go into the asterisk cli and type: set verbose 5
then start capturing the screen and make the call. Once it is complete stop the capture and post it. You can reduce the info on the screen back to normal by typing set verbose 1 in the cli again.

Hey thanks for your patience.
The problem was with phones and not the PBX Box
The phones were blocking anonymous calls by default.


which phone manufacture and model does this?

Linksys SPA941 phones and also the linksys SPA-2100 adapters