Anonymous Calls go directly to voicemail


I’ve met a problem that I can’t solve.

Everytime a call with no CID comes in my asterisk, it goes directly to the voicemail of the extension.

Did it occur to someone else ?

Thanks for your help.

nope but my boss would love that feature… I’ve just been to lazy to program it.

hey hey :),

but I’ve met this without any particular settings and I’m trying to get rid of it.
Any help ?

how about some details to start? Version of FreePBX, etc…?

FreePBX 2.4.0
Asterisk 1.4.21

I solve the problem in changing the macro-user-callerid, if the callerid is not set, I set it up to “Anonymous”.
This is an ugly way to patch it so I’m still interesting if anyone has an answer.

Optional question : I want to add some lines in a context, in the extensions_additional.conf, generated by a reload from freepbx, where can I change those lines ?

ok I don’t use * 1.4 but do remember there is some strange things that happened with a version or two of the 1.4 in and around 1.4.20 so maybe that is it. I know they did sub releases of 1.4.21 for and for specific reasons… So that might be a part of the issue and I could also be running on faulty memory…