Anonymous Caller ID and SPA942/962 Phones

I just want to verify with some of you out there and to make sure I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.

I am using FreePBX to prefix the caller id name portion with my inbound routes. I use CID name prefix to do this.

Everything works as expected when the caller ID is not anonymous.

When the caller is is anonymous I expect the phone to display anonymous along with the CID prefix. This does not happen - the SPA942/962 displays “Anonymous Caller” only

Normally this would not be an issue if I was using FreePBX for one company - but in this case I am using the system for three different companies (one owner) and the receptionist is expected to answer the phone accordingly on what the caller ID name prefix is showing. Each company has a different prefix for their lines.

Before people start suggesting other ways to solve this problem and I appreciate the help - I am most interested in seeing if this can be duplicated as I believe it is a bug in SPA942/962 firmware.

I have tested anonymous calls with xlite,snom300,grandstream gxp2000. They all display the anonymous and CID prefix which FreePBX assigns in my inbound routes.

I know I have answered my own question but what I am looking for if someone else can confirm this behavior with SPA942 and SPA962 phones.

I am using the latest firmware for both the SPA942 and SPA962 but would be interested to know if this works correctly with older firmware versions.

It looks like I was wrong - I do need help with a solution. I thought I would be able to use the called id lookup and phone book module to resolve this but thats not going to work.

I’m open to suggestions now.