Announcements not showing system recordings

No recordings show up in Announcements, the recording pull down box is not populated at all and is one/two characters wide with nothing in it. I setup an entire new system and saw the same thing, this is FreePBX 12.0.57 with all the updates as of today. The system recordings show up in other areas as they should. I have re-installed announcements to no effect, did a reload of the recordings module NG.

Hmm. I just had a look and mine seems to be working.

I’m running announcements and I can see them:

And those are the recordings I have in system recordings?

I did a new reload and same result.

I’m about to jump on a plane, but I’d suggest asking on IRC - there’s an embedded Java client, or you can use the web client here:

You may also want to have a look at this:

For examples of what’s going to be needed.

Ok, I’ll do that just FYI did another install uploaded one wav file and:

I was hoping this was a bug of some kind that will be fixed with an update, I saw there was a recordings update just a few days ago.

I had the same problem Tgarius, just roll back the Recordings Module to 12.0.5 and they announcements will be able to see all of the recordings again.

The changelog indicates that they made a change to hide files that started with a period, i.e. hidden files like system recordings. This makes sense, but it looks like there may be a bug in either announcements interpreting that data or the recordings module looking at that data.

Hopefully this helps.

Well the funny thing is I’m still getting the .* filenames listed as well.

Yes… that did work, I see what they meant about the .* showing up in the blue right hand panel (it’s back) I thought you meant when you do the pull down.

I’m surprised no one else has said anything.

It also made the recordings disappear from VM Blasting as well, before I rolled it back. I really think there may be a small error in the code from that patch. I also have a hunch if you set them up before this, everything still works just fine. Its only if you need to go make and adjustment (or enable a new feature like I was doing) that you will even notice.

None of the development team can replicate this.

The only thing that I’ve done that might be a bit different is I disable REST API / REST Phone Apps and endpoint manager so that I can enable OSS End Point Manager. Other then that it’s doing it on a clean install with Recordings 12.0.6.

Ok just did the recordings update to 12.0.7 and it appears to have fixed the problem but the .* items are back in recordings.

Just manually remove them from the database listing?

I have no idea what you mean by “.*” items are back in recordings. YOU created them in that list. So YOU should remove them. Or am I missing something.

I didn’t create them, it populated them on it’s own.

You created them. That list is created by you.

Anyways you can also remove them just as easily.

I did not add those, they disappeared when I did the recordings 12.0.6 update but so did the announcement items. No big deal I’m just happy the announcements are back.

Is this the FreePBX Distro? Or another distro?