Announcement record, paging and broadcasting

Our campus requires for us to have a method to be able to alert everyone of emergency situations on our campus. I setup an IVR that has
1)" Record your announcement"
Which directs callers to the Feature Code Admin / Edit Recording “emergency-annoucment”

  1. "Send your recording as a page"
    Sends callers to Paging and Intercom : Emergency Page with the “emergency-annoucment” recording set to play back before the page.

  2. "Send your recording to external phones"
    Sends callers to the Broadcast : Start Emergency Announcement Campaign. Which uses the “emergency-anncoument” recording for both the answered and unanswered recording. Any phone number registered with us gets’ this call, useful for those who are not typically in a building, (maintenance workers, drivers, etc)

The current issue i’m having is that the person using the IVR must hang up, redial and proceed to the next steps manually. Is there a way to have these steps proceed some-what automatically? Also is there a way to reset the broadcast campaign through the IVR?