Announcement play in loop (after Ring Group)


We have a problem with FreePBX and Ring Groups / Announcements.
We have defined an IVR that directs users to specific ring groups.

Ring groups are set to ring for 60 seconds before playing an announcement (Destination if no answer) saying “All agents are busy, please wait”.
We have configured the destination of the announcement (after reading) to the calling ring group.

In fact, we would like something like this:
RingGroup (60 sec) -> Announcement -> RingGroup (60 sec) -> Announcement -> RingGroup (60 sec) -> Announcement -> …

So it works, but not always.
Sometimes users get the announcement play in loop, like this:
RingGroup (60 sec) -> Announcement -> Announcement -> Announcement -> Announcement -> Announcement -> …

And we notice that sometimes the RingGroup does not call for 60 seconds but can last 5 seconds or 10 seconds (it is not always the same delay)

Has anyone ever had this problem or has any idea how to fix it?

Thank you so much !

Share a call trace of this happening via pastebin:

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