Announcement only voicemail


I’m looking at using an extension as an information line - eg for service updates.
I obviously don’t want people leaving voicemails on this line as it will be unmonitored.

On the drop down selections for the voicemail, one is ‘Instructions only’ - i’m assuming that this is where that annoucement will be made.
However, for the life of me, I cannot find WHERE to record that message. In the voicemail system, I can only record the ‘busy’, ‘unavailable’ and ‘temporary’ greetings.

Any advice / pointers would be gratefully received.



I think you want the Announcements module

But that still needs access to the backend - i would rather that it could be recorded from the phone alone (so it can be done by those without backend access - in the same way you can re-record your voicemail message)


Announcements s the “correct way” to do this. There is no setting to do a no voicemail, voicemail.
You may want to add a feature request at for announcements to add a UCP module or some form of dynamic announcement that can be updated by feature code. This doesn’t help your current situation but may make life easier down the road.

Honestly I would say your option at this point would be some custom dialplan.