Announcement for a number pattern

Not sure how to accomplish this. You can create a custom application and add announcement if user dials a specific number, eg. 1234. But how to create announcement for a specific group of numbers? Just as example, user dials any 7-digit number and we need to inform them to dial area code first.
My only idea was to create a dummy trunk - a loopback to the same Asterisk ( and use outbound route NXXXXXX to use this trunk with a CID override, then inbound rule for this patter & that CID to route to the announcement. That seems to be an overkill though…

Why not just change your outbound route to insert the area code so the change is transparent to your users? Then add a route with your area code + 7 digit number so they can call either way.

The other alternative is to change your 7-digit outbound route to route to an announcement telling them to dial the 10-digit number. I have a similar arrangement for people trying to call blacklisted area codes.

  1. Create an outbound route with no trunks.
  2. For the Optional Destination on Congestion, route it to an announcement.
  3. On the dial patterns tab, use NXXXXXX for the pattern.
  4. Make sure to create the new route with your area code + 7-digits to complete the calls.

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