Announce position not working/playing

I still have no luck with getting this to work.
i now have muliple queues but on none of them the “announce caller position” is playing in any language.
tried everything i could think off.
i am at a loss here.

I just noticed this issue as well. The issue seems to be that all caller announcement features do not play (position or ivr breakout) if anyone is in a ringing state. If you bring down your Agent Timeout to something short to test (ex : 15 secs) you will hear these options when the agent stops ringing!

Can you confirm you have the same behaviour?

I’m not sure if it’s always been the case I just noticed this because we had a queue with Agent Timeout set to Unlimited and it would never play.

Has anyone seen this work previously with the Agent Timeout set to Unlimited ?

Asterisk cannot ring agents and play comfort messages at the same time. This works both ways, and if you want to use a lot of comfort messages, but not miss an agent, you need to record them as part of music on hold, rather than use the standard mechanism.

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