Announce incoming call

Is there any way to have an announcement/page played upon an incoming call to an extension (or a ring group)? So essentially the phone or ring group would ring as normal, but at the same time an (overhead) page/announcement would play (ie. “lumber group, incoming call”, “concrete products, phone call”, etc).

This would be intended to solve the problem that in a warehouse there are 4 or 5 persons, everybody has the phone ringer up loud so they can hear the phone ringing, but it’s really not practical to set up different rings because of the noisy environment its too hard to differentiate. So now nobody is sure who’s phone is ringing. The announcement would give the appropriate person the opportunity to drop what they are doing and run back to their desk.


Something like this:

Set up an “extension” for each ring group that actually plays an announcement over your system.

It would have to be a custom extension, and the tricky part is that it couldn’t actually answer the phone, so it would probably have to be a custom context instead of something you can access through the GUI.