Annoucemnet before outgoing call


We need to turn on a specific function on our FreePBX.
Say our agent inside company calls to our client outside. We need, that before conversation take place an anouncement to be made: “Our conversation will be recorded”.
How can we achieve this?

Asterisk can certainly do it, the Dial app hast the A option to play a sound file to the caller. I don’t think that you can use the FreePBX announcements in this context, but a custom extension should work.

You want the announcement to the caller, the caller or both?

This is not a good idea. A simple implementation (easy) would play the announcement when the call is initially answered. It might be ‘heard’ by an IVR, a receptionist, or the client’s spouse and so would not meet the legal requirement. One could imagine an AI-based solution that would work ‘right’, but why bother? The agent would still be waiting while the announcement played so it wouldn’t save any time.

IMO, the right solution is to instruct the agent to add “on a recorded line” to his/her greeting. For example, “Good morning, this is John Doe from Acme Widgets on a recorded line.” This adds less than two seconds to the greeting. If the burdened cost of the agent is a buck a minute, adding “on a recorded line” costs only ~$0.03.

Thanks, we completed it using Asterisk Trunk Dial Options TtA(custom/announcement) in trunk configuration.

One more question. When we use TtA option, then only the callee hears the anouncement, but we need the announcement to hear both caller and callee.
How could we accomplish this?

The `A` option for the Dial application has this help text:

        x - The file to play to the called party

        y - The file to play to the calling party
Play an announcement to the called and/or calling parties, where <x> is the
prompt to be played to the called party and <y> is the prompt to be played to
the caller. The files may be different and will be played to each party
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Many Thanks.

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