Annoucement redirection

Hello Everybody.

Can anybody help me activate an option, so the extensions users can enable a Annoucement everytime they’re in some meeting or break, just from their phones ( We got spa303 cisco phones).

The annoucement I should upload it on the elastix server, and should be available for the extensions receiving incoming calls to the sip trunk.

If anyone can please help me, I’ll be grateful

Elastix is end of life and the project’s been abandoned. I suggest you look into migrating to a supported platform:

Well it’s not really up to me to change that.
The company is not ready for this changes. We didn’t plan for it, and it’s quiet busy here.

*no alternative then, on asterisk to configure that ?

If you’re using Elastix, you are using FreePBX (with possibly some extensions). You can call it migrating, upgrading, updating, “getting to the current version”, or any one of a dozen other euphemisms for it.

Elastix is based on a old (very old) FreePBX. Like any other old (end of life) software system, finding someone that can answer your specific question is going to only get harder. Performing this announcement (changing the Voice Mail Greeting) is very easy in new versions, but I can’t remember how to do it in that old a system.

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