Analog POTS line

Im trying to set up a small PBX in my home office and currently set up on a raspberry pi using Sangoma phones and a SIP provider. I would like to incorporate my Analog line into this setup. Is that possible?

Thank You

Nope. There’s no way to easily interface a POTS phone to a RasPi. If you want to upgrade to the simplest actual PC you can find, you can find any number of PCI or PCIe cards.

If you purchased an ATA and registered it via SIP to your Raspberry, that could work. We do it with Grandstreams, for faxing endpoints, quite often.


That is easily doable with an FXO ATA, like an SPA3102 from cisco or an HT503 from Grandstream.

Hi Dave,

Took your advice and finally configured a new machine with a PCI port. Any recommendation on which card to buy? I was looking at the Sangoma A200 and found one on Amazon for $60 however it says it will not work standalone. Im not sure if I need another component. Not looking to break the bank and I only need one FXO port. Thanks

Sangoma and Digium are the gold standard, since the Asterisk and DAHDI versions of the software are known to “pretty much just” work.

There are other providers as well, in the “Silver Standard” category. Anything with removable (FXS/FXO) modules should work. The provider I like in this category is “Synway” - prices are good, support it pretty reasonable, and the quality of the actual cards and modules is excellent. They don’t have the brand recognition and you may need to be “proactive” about which DAHDI version they use, so it might be a little confusing getting it to work.

I’d avoid any of the “single port” cards (even the Digium ones) since they tend to be less robust.

Finally, once you get the port working, stop fussing with it. DAHDI is an external and separate program from Asterisk, so once it’s up and running and the phone works, don’t let Asterisk or FreePBX mess with it again. Anecdotally, you’ll find plenty of people here that will echo that sentiment (even though it’s mostly geezers like me).

Thanks for the input Dave! I was going to purchase (see below) however in the description it says “The A200-FXS/FXO Module will not work as a standalone”. I guess this will not work for my application? Do you know what else I would need?


That is just the module. You still need the PCIe card such as A200BRME to install it into.

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Hello All. Thanks for the help. I successfully installed and partially configured my box with the A200 and have my POTS line connected. I am able to receive calls and route to all extensions however I am having difficulty making calls. I have configured outbound routes however when I try and make a call I hear nothing. Anything im missing here?

Logs of a failed outbound call perhaps ?

Now Im getting an immediate busy signal when I dial out. Incoming works fine.

[2018-09-01 08:35:41] VERBOSE[21090][C-00000017] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:32] Dial(“SIP/200-00000018”, “DAHDI/3/15162501168,300,Tb(func-apply-sipheaders^s^1)”) in new stack

Do you have a module in slot 3? (DAHDI/3/15162501168)