Analog port and dahdi - How can I assign a DID to analog port?

I would like to separate out my analog lines so I can direct each port to a different phone. Is there some way to add a DID to an analog port so you can direct them? I only can see it as an undefined DID now.

Any ideas?

A question that has been asked and answered at least 2000 times, Did you read and absorb the wiki yet?

Yes I did and I didn’t find much other than a bitch feast about the issue. Maybe I’m missing it. I’ll check the wiki again.

What is a “bitch feast”, it sounds intriguing. . .

sorry. I need glasses.
I think I was reading your comments about the same issue and I didn’t look like it when over well with Tony and the crew. One of the ways to overcome the issues to assign a DID number to the analog trunk and then direct it like you would any other DID. But I don’t see a way to do that. Did you come up with a solution? The wiki in see System Setting for Dahdi and other Dahdi system settings, but I don’t know how to that could be useful. This should be an easy thing to do, should it? I’m a PRI guy; I never have used an analog card before.
Any pointers?

My solution is to do it the old fashioned way, set up dahdi (which is not part of asterisk) to use the context from-zaptel (later from-dahdi) which has long been part of FreePBX but the dahdi module although very far from being complete will handle most generic deployments, including yours. Apparently FreepBX 2.11 assumes you have used that module when it offers the “DAHDI channel DID” settings, you should probably use that.