Analog Phones on a TDM400p

Hey community. I’m brand new to running this freePBX server but I’ve got most of it up and running. So anything too technical please feel free to dumb it down as much as you want.

I’ve got a couple analog phones around the office an i wan’t to hook them up to the PBX, so i went and got a TDM400p with 4 FXS ports(the green cards?) installed. I’ve been spending all morning and yesterday trying to figure out how to get it set up, and I think i have the DAHDI configured correctly.(dahdi_tool says OK next to the card) I also have ZAP2DAHDICOMPAT=true set in /etc/amportal.conf. I’ve set up ZAP extensions for all four ports, but while i am getting power to the phone, i’m not getting a dial tone and i can’t send or recieve interoffice calls to/from the other sip extensions.

Any idea what i might have missed? Thanks for any help.


Can you provide us some more info?

What distribution are you running?

What version of FreePBX?

Output of the “dahdi show channels” command at the asterisk CLI.

Output at the CLI when you try calling one of the extensions.

Etc, etc, etc.